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The team at Label & Litho have gone down the rabbit hole, to explore the psychology of design when it comes to wine labels. Since addressing colour, and the different emotions they evoke, we now look at spacing, lines and shapes. There is not a lot of room on your typical wine label, so it’s important […]

May 8, 2014

Everything you need to know about printing labels with a pre-inserted RF tag

RFID, or ‘radio frequency identification’ tags are a brilliant product for all kinds of purposes, including helping to prevent shoplifting. RF tags don’t need to be visible – they transmit a radio frequency to a sensor that pick up electromagnetic fields at short ranges, even if they hidden in a label. If you use a snapper card […]


If you’re already with a label supplier but are looking for better value, quality and reliability, why not move to New Zealand’s favourite label providers – Label and Litho? We have both conventional and digital label printing capabilities, so we can help you migrate to Label and Litho seamlessly without interrupting your label supply. It […]