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What exactly is the RFID ‘buzzword’?  More and more we are hearing the words ‘RFID Tag’, RFID Chip, RFID Label’ etc, but what exactly is RFID?

RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification’ and it simply refers to a small electronic device that consists of a small chip and an antenna.

Label and Litho provide you with the option of having your printed labels supplied with a pre-inserted RF tag.

Why do our customers want a label with a pre-inserted RF tag?

That’s easy – to help counter shoplifting!  Unfortunately shoplifting is an issue for many retailers and now they are fighting back by demanding that the product they sell is more difficult to steal.  RF tags are proven to cut external theft rates and they are becoming increasingly popular for retailers wanting to protect their products and maintain their profitability.

RF or RFID tag

Embedding the RF tag security device during the label printing process saves you time and money.

Label & Litho are the only company in New Zealand that provides exceptional-quality labels with RF tags inserted. Our production method allows us to place paper-thin RF tags underneath your product label to ensure your branding is not affected. Even better, it removes the cost of you having to manually apply a tag to/under a label.

Our tags are microwave safe and can be easily inserted under any existing label design – there’s no need to change your label and there’s no extra work for you.  We will print the label and supply and insert the RF tag.

If you’re interested in using RF tags for your product, get in touch with us today!