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September 28, 2014

Printing labels that are environmentally friendly

Whether you are wanting to print wine labels, beer labels or any other kind of label, it’s important to consider the environmental effects of doing so. That’s why the team at Label & Litho strive to provide a label produced in the most environmentally friendly way. We recognise that our processes have an impact on the environment and we have a responsibility to minimise that environmental impact.

Our environmental policy

We are conscious of providing top quality labels and limiting the side effects of doing so on the environment. That’s why we are committed to:

• Reducing waste
• Maximising the efficient use of energy and water
• Preventing pollution
• Complying with all environmental legislation, applicable consents and codes of practice to which the company subscribes
• Continual improvement in environmental performance

Label and Litho are committed to achieve these by:

• Maintaining an environmental management system
• Continuing to identify potential environmental risk – impacts and aspects
• Setting and reviewing progress towards environmental objectives and targets
• Liaising with suppliers to encourage the adoption of environmental responsible practices

Ongoing review

Of course, this is not a one off commitment, but an on going practice that needs annual review. We believe that printing labels and being environmentally friendly are not mutually exclusive, that’s why each September an external auditor undertakes an appraisal of our activities and our environmental policy.

Proud to bear the Enviro-Mark

Enviro-Mark is New Zealand’s original environmental certification programme for those companies who implement credible and effective environmental management systems. Label &Litho are proud to have held Enviro-Mark Gold certification since 2008.


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