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April 17, 2014

Label & Litho now does keg label printing!

When people think of a label printing company, they might think beer labels, wine labels, food labels, but not many people would instantly think of keg labels! That’s an attitude we’re hoping to change with one of our latest new products: keg wraps!

Epic Keg Wraps by Label and Litho NZ

Just like a keg is a giant beer can, we can print labels that wrap kegs. It’s a really neat way to make your keg stand out from the crowd – think about how many times you see kegs going in and out of bars, stacked outside waiting to get picked up, or at private parties and events. It’s a brilliant opportunity to brand them, just as the vehicles that pick up and drop off the kegs are often branded.

Especially pertinent when you see the emergence of bars that rely on the craft beer look. Some of them even use kegs as seats, with specially constructed cushions on top!

We’ve already written about Garage Project – some of our favourite beer label innovators. A fantastic example of their imagination at work is the artwork they’ve had printed on their cans via shrink wraps, which make for a really cost effective way to brand beer.

garage project shrink wraps


Now they’ve extended their creative, cool branding by way of printed labels to their kegs:

garage project keg wraps by label and litho NZ


Which means delivery no longer requires this:

garage project keg original


Thinking of getting a keg wrap printed?

If you want a jazzy new key wrap, simply drop us a line and tell us what you need. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote. If you’re happy with that, getting started is pretty easy! You’ll just need to get the design to us, approve our proof, let us know your keg measurements and we’ll all be away laughing!

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